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What is CHARISM?

CHARISM is a non-profit, neighborhood center that seeks to provide outreach programs for at-risk individuals and families in our community.

Since we know you’re probably wondering… CHARISM is pronounced “Care-ism.”

What does the word CHARISM mean?

CHARISM stands for A Community of Homes And Resources In Service to Many.

CHARISM is also derived from a Greek word meaning “gift of grace.”

What is CHARISM’s Mission?

CHARISM is a neighborhood support center offering a safe and welcoming anchor point to underserved youth and their families through relationship-based, skill-building programs and services that improve quality of life.

What is CHARISM’s Vision?

To have safe and peaceful neighborhoods of self-sufficient, contributing citizens.

What are CHARISM’s Values?

These are five values that we strive to teach, model and encourage in everything CHARISM does:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Concern for Others

How long has CHARISM existed?

CHARISM was created in 1994 in the McCormick Park neighborhood.  Ten years later, in 2004, CHARISM added the Stonebridge neighborhood location after being approached by the City of Fargo.

After successfully meeting the mission that brought CHARISM to the Stonebridge neighborhood, CHARISM sold the Stonebridge building in 2013.

Today, CHARISM continues to serve families in the McCormick Park neighborhood, and we have also started an additional after-school site in West Fargo!

Is CHARISM a religious organization?

CHARISM is not directly affiliated with any religious organization or denomination.  We serve people from many different backgrounds and beliefs, and we are excited to work with anyone who shares our passion for building strong community and hanging out with awesome people.

How is CHARISM funded?

CHARISM is able to do all the awesome things we do in the McCormick Park neighborhood thanks to support from the United Way of Cass-Clay, and other super generous community and private donors who make our programs possible.

How can I volunteer with CHARISM?

Do you have a free hour or two to share? Do you do great voices when reading children’s books aloud? Are you crafty and into doing Pinterest projects? If any of these apply to you, we can visit our Volunteer Page for information about how you can volunteer your time and skills to help CHARISM and the neighborhood we serve.

How can I donate to CHARISM?

THANK YOU for wanting to support CHARISM! Our donors make it possible for us to build strong community and bring smiles to the faces of kids and our neighbors.

Visit our Donate page to learn how you can give and make a difference right here in our local community! It’s easy!

How can I get a job at CHARISM?

CHARISM hires part-time staff each semester for our after-school programs and for summer camps, which offer great experience working with children and great hours for anyone looking for a part-time job!  Please visit the Employment Page for these and other current opportunities, such as internships.

How can I stay connected with CHARISM?

“Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our email updates through Constant Contact (we promise not to send you a hundred emails every week!).

How can I receive services from CHARISM?

To enroll your children in CHARISM’s awesome youth programs, please contact Shannon Blomker at (701) 356-0261 or by e-mailing sblomker@charism.org. She’d love to tell you about our programs and how your student can register!

To sign up for our supplemental food program (GAP), all you have to do is bring a form of identification that includes your name and current address, such as a valid driver’s license or utilities bill, when you come to pick up food. GAP is at the CHARISM Family Center, located at 612 23rd Street South in Fargo on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 pm and Fridays from 1:15-2:30 pm.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Andrea Jang, Community Outreach Coordinator, at 701-356-0263 or by e-mailing ajang@charism.org. She’ll be happy to tell you all about how GAP works!

To learn more about other programs, you can contact Brittany LaForte at (701) 356-0260 or by e-mailing brittany.laforte@charism.org. She can answer your questions and connect you with the right person!

Where are the CHARISM sites located?

CHARISM’s business office and mailing address is 2601 12th Avenue South, Suite A, Fargo, ND 58103. (Located between The Village Family Center and Big Top Bingo, across 25th Street from the KFGO radio building.)

CHARISM’s Family Center and Youth Center are both located in the McCormick Park neighborhood (near Nokomis Childcare and the CFM Community Mart). For addresses, photos, and maps, please visit our Locations Page