After-School STEM Clubs

Horses! Brittany, Neha, Sajan, and DwehCHARISM iAsia, Pramila, Neha, Brittany, and Welcomes excited to offer two after-school programs in the community! These are fun AND educational after-school program for elementary students who live in the Jefferson Elementary neighborhood in Fargo and middle school students at West Fargo’s Cheney Middle School.

Elementary students arrive at CHARISM directly from school, where they begin with a healthy snack and time to connect with their mentors after a long day at school. Mentors help their students complete homework and participate in each day’s planned educational activities. These activities include art projects, science experiments, reading challenges, service learning, educational games, and field trips, all of which help students increase their love of learning.

Middle school students who participate in our STEM Competitions Club have the opportunity to compete in national STEM challenge events throughout the year, including a video game challenge that includes popular themes like Star Wars and Minecraft. The students learn about STEM topics with their trusted adult mentors by using the Engineering Design Process, iPads, smart technology, and through local experts who share how they use STEM technology in their careers. Students get to choose between seven mission challenges, such as alternative sources of energy, the environment, food/health/fitness, and robotics. They propose solutions to real problems in our community through investigation, experimentation, observation, and, of course, having fun!

Relationships are the foundation of our programs. The caring mentor each cJackson, Heman, Kausal, Sajan, and Jaredhild is matched with is not only someone helps him or her with homework and learning new skills, but also becomes a trusted person who will listen when the child has had a bad day or had something awesome happen to them at school that day! CHARISM’s mentors help the child to learn how to make friends with other children who might be very different from themselves, and the children know there is an adult at CHARISM who cares about them and can be trusted.

Our STEM Clubs are far more than just a safe place for students to hang out at after school, they are places where students grow academically and are supported in their goals and dreams.