CHARISM Playtown Summer Camp

When you think of summer as a kid, you probably think swimming at the lgarden-27ocal pool, kicking around a soccer ball with your friends, doing fun art projects that you don’t have much time for during the school year, and going to summer camp. That’s why CHARISM’s Playtown Summer Camp is so important, as it makes these happy childhood experiences available to families in our neighborhood in the summer!

Kids need something fun and productive to do during the summer, and CHARISM’s Playtown camp gives neighborhood children this opportunity. The CHARISM Playtown camp in McCormick Park partners with the Fargo Park District to offer this interactive camp Monday-Thursday in June and July. The children get to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, enjoy time with mentors and peers, and do all sorts of fun and educational activities, such as reading challenges, STEM learning, field trips, art projects, soccer games and trips to the swimming pool.

We really love kids, and we really love learning! CHARISM’s summer camp keeps kids both active and learning in the summer, while giving them a safe and fun place to hang out with people who care about them.