Middle School Programs

CHARISM has an incredible opportunity to help teach young men and women what it means to have integrity, give back to the community, and work toward making their goals and dreams a reality through our FACES Project and STRENGTH Project. These programs engage at-risk middle and high school students. Currently the programs are offered at Discovery Middle School in Fargo.

Thphoto 1e young women of the FACES group are mentored by community member Lynette Lein. Lynette is a fabulous role model for young women, helping them each to see why they are each beautiful inside and out, and  encouraging them with learning that they really can make their dreams comes true! The STRENGTH Project for young men is facilitated by Brody Clarke. Brody is a strong, caring male mentor for these guys, helping them see why it is so important to make positive decisions and how to be men of integrity.

FACES also includes a powerful annual art project, during which the girls develop self-portraits and learn about art, self-expression, and the importance of inner beauty with the help of local artists.4

Both groups talk about healthy friendships and relationships, what being a leader looks like, making positive decisions, future plans, good character, and social issues that they might encounter. These are things students need to think about, and CHARISM’s programs give them a caring person they can look up to who helps them discuss these things that they might not be excited to talk to their parents about!

These students also get to do some awesome projects, which help them learn how to be leaders and see that they can make a difference no matter what their ages! They have helped with sandbagging in flood years, planned fundraisers to benefit the YWCA and the Ronald McDonald House, made cozy blankets for Project Linus, and volunteered their time to help make little kids smile at Santa’s Village. These young men and women will make a difference, and we love that we get to help invest in them at this crucial age!