Spring Update, McCormick Little Learners Posted March 12, 2014 by Brittany LaForte


Read on for an update on what’s happening at the McCormick Park site of Little Learners by program coordinator Shannon:

This spring at Little Learners is a very busy time! For the month of March, our Little Learners are participating in the FM Redhawks Reading Program. It is a four week reading program that focuses on the individual reading levels of each student; which is great to help students become better readers at their own pace and level. To promote reading and literacy this month, we are taking extra trips downtown Fargo to the local library. Already, we have been grateful to take two trips, and the kids absolutely love the library time they get—we plan on taking many more visits!

Fargo RedHawks Reading Program

I have noticed the kids are really excited about this reading program and are working very hard every day to reach their reading goals. After the program, we will be taking a day trip to an actual Redhawks baseball game! Many of the students at Little Learners have never experienced a baseball game and it is great to see them learning about goals (making goals and working hard (by taking small steps) to achieve them), and then actually earning their incentives. It’s a whole different learning experience for these children to know what it’s like to earn a reward they’ve worked very hard towards. I feel everyone, young and old, can relate to this wonderful feeling!

Fargo RedHawks Reading Program 3

Also, as the spring weather draws near, we plan on taking our program to the outside world for environmental learning opportunities. As April arrives, it brings Earth Day and Arbor Day with it. The Little Learners program will get to experience the outdoors in the Fargo community by taking trips to the Regional Science Center, the Botanical Gardens, and more. The kids will volunteer their time and hard work to plant new trees and learn about important plants that grow in our area. I think it will be a great learning experience that the kids will remember forever; connecting education within their own community!

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