Weekly Neighbor: Kausila Posted April 3, 2014 by Brittany LaForte


by Andrea Jang, CHARISM Community Outreach Coordinator


Months ago, as I was harvesting produce in the garden, one of CHARISM’s neighbors named Kausila stopped by to chat with me.  She explained that she was coming from a class at the Adult Learning Center.  She has been studying English for more than two years. In her arms was a grocery bag, and the contents looked very colorful.  I asked Kausila what was in the bag, and she showed me. Inside were many bright marigold buds. We have marigolds of all different colors and varieties planted on the outskirts of the garden, it is said that they keep the bugs and rabbits out. I explained to her the reason that we had them planted there, and I snipped a few of the garden’s marigold blooms for her.

I asked Kausila what she was using these marigolds for.  She said they were having a party for her parents’ marriage.  I asked how long they have been married for and she said 70 years! Wow! They are 84 years old and also live in the neighborhood served by CHARISM. I was happy to be able to help with her family’s celebration in a small way through CHARISM’s community garden, especially since many of Kausila’s friends and family have helped with the garden themselves!

Kausila has been an active resident of the CHARISM neighborhood, and we have loved getting to know her each week. Check back next week to learn about another one of CHARISM’s wonderful neighbors!

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